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Book your Male Stripper for your party early and stay focussed ! Bypass all the stress, don't let this happen to you, because when you plan early you give yourself time to enjoy that speacial night, believe me the bride will already feel special that you made her night a priority.
From:  Bride having to deal with stress

My bachelorette party was a disaster (when it can to planning it). Two of my BMs were supposed to be working on it, but they let another friend take it over (even though I told them not to because she's notoriously flakey). Guess what happened? The girl that flakes out flaked out and the whole thing went to pieces, only no one picked up the pieces! About two days before the party I figured it out, told my sister (MOH) and she took over and sorted it out last minute. Since it was so last minute, most of my other friends who I wanted invited, weren't able to come. It sucked. Not the party itself the party was great with the friends that could come "well the party was spectacular" I remember thinking if all my friends could have made it, but I enjoyed the time with my girls that could come. VirginiaThunderOnline.com made it so easy to planning and the stripper was great! They had my friend speechless at first. Then the party got rolling it was great, I didn't think it would be as much fun as it turned out.  I had never had a Male Stripper before, It was so surprising, I felt like I was back in High School. When the limo came we made the driver wait, because we were having so much fun! I didn't think it was going to turn out to be this much fun, especially, how it all started. I really understand what the bride is going through. When things were starting to fall apart, it made me feel like no one gave a crap about me, our friendship or this big change in my life.

So, Like VirginiaThunderOnline.com recommends, talk to your MOH about it. It'll work out in the end. I mean, when it boils down to it, it's supposed to be a fun time for you and your girls, so just stay focussed on that.

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