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Surprise Party
Now when it comes to Surprise parties, Male and Female Strippers really set it off. Try and picture your group, a room fill with women or men, everybody just laughing, talking and carry on, music playing, then there is a knock at the door! A Police Officer says there has been alot of complaints about the noise, or here to serve a warrant for unpaid tickets. By now everyone is quiet, waiting for the Police Officer to leave, when the music comes on loud, everybody is looking around panicing and he or she starts to strip! Everyones is now aware that this is NO Officer! Your guests go crazy and they are laughing, and saying "I can't believe you did that!", half of them want to stand up the other half are setting back " saying bring it on! " and the ride begin's
How to set up (what you need to know)

1) The strippers need to know what the guest of honor is wearing, to find them easily.

2) You need to get the boom  box, CD,  Ipod ready, and know when to push play for Music.

3) You need to Pay the Stripper before he/she starts the show.

4) Give the company you book with a back up phone no. So if your not available or your battery is low, they can still get in touch with you if there is any problems or question

VirginiaThunderonline.com will make it easy for you to relax and enjoy the party you worked so hard to put together.

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