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Bachelorette Party Games
1) Ladies turn the table (Mardi Gras night)
 It's now time for us girls to turn the tables on those Mardi Gras Men! Have each girl wear one or more of the Colored Mardi Gras Beads and have the guys lift their shirts or drop their drawers for the beads! You can even have the Bachelorette wear all the beads and ask the guys to flash the Bachelorette for some beads.
2) Rate the men
Buy or make Bachelorette Party Rating Cards to rate men from 10+ to "Not My Type" and "Need Some Work". These funny cards are great to have in a bar, at a party, or by a pool where men are walking by!
3) Bachelorette Roulette
Bachelorette Roulette is just like Vegas-baby! This fun bachelorette game can be played with small or large groups out on the town (its bound to get some fun attention at the bar!). The roulette wheel looks just like one in the casino. It has a ball that travels around the wheel when you spin it. The ball lands on a number and a color that corresponds to a card that has a dare on it. Each dare that is accomplished earns the player points. If a dare can not (or will not) be accomplished the player does not earn any points. When all of the dares have been used up, whichever player has the most points wins! The dares are fun, crazy and daring get your cameras ready! Enter our online store for more games .
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4) Spin the Pecker
The hilarious bachelorette game of spinning and sinning! Players take turns spinning the pecker and carrying out the appropriate actions: Doing a Dare, Flirting with a Guy, assuming an Alter Ego. Enter our online store for more games.
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5) "She Guesses" what it is (Game)
 "She Guesses" what it Is Game: Get a bag and place one Bachelorette Toy or Gag Gift at the bottom without anyone looking. Have each girl place their hand in the bag for three seconds and guess what it is. Make sure the girls are as descriptive as possible, stating what they think the item is, the color, the size, etc. After everyone has a chance to guess, pull the item out of the bag and give it to the person that described the item in the most accurate detail.
6) "Advice for the Bachelorette" (Game)
Cut construction paper into small heart shapes and attach pipe cleaner. Hand all of the guests one with a pen and ask them to write "advice for the bride" example, "never go to bed mad". Place completed hearts in a vase and ask the bachelorette to read them out loud. This is a great keepsake for the bride.
7) Challenge the Bachelorette at the Bars! (Game)
Bachelorette's Bar Challenge (Card Game) - This bachelorette party game is a major hit! The Bachelorette has two hours to collect five different Shot cards. She starts with 5 cards and carries out actions like "tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue" and "host the best rear end contest" to earn new cards. When the bachelorette wins, she gets to assign shots to friends articipating in the game! You will love this game played at any bar or while out on the town or even home with all girl
8) Jumbo Pecker Cake Pan
Ever wanted to lick frosting off a pecker-shaped cake? Now`s your chance! Whether it`s a bachelorette party or some other occasion that calls for naughty snacks, your cake will be the one everyone wants to sink their teeth into! Pour on the whip cream and make swallowing a treat.
9) Identify the Stripper
Identify the Stripper - If you are having a Male Exotic Dancer at your bachelorette party, after he leaves, bring out a pre-made paper for each girl that asks the following questions:
a) What was the male dancer wearing at the beginning?
b) What was the male dancer's eye color and hair color?
c) How tall was the hunk?
d) What color briefs was the male dancer wearing (if any)?
e) What song did the exotic dancer dance to?
f) How many songs were played during his stay?
g) How many girls did the exotic dancer dance with?
h) What was the male dancers name?
i) Insert other questions here and copy this paper for the girls
Make sure to give a prize to the girl who gets the most right and make sure to have the dancer himself fill out this form before leaving (not in sight of the other girls). If you need to find a dancer, check out our Male stripper Photo gallery and choose one. Click Here
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