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Girls Night Out

Girls' night out is a gender-exclusive event where women congregate to engage in social activities, usually after a workday. The purpose is to share a common experience whilst relaxing.

Girls' night is a great reason to get dolled up, whether you go out or stay in. Going out but have nothing to wear? Invite your guests to get ready at your place and ask them to bring over some extra going-out accessories and jewelry to share. A different handbag or earrings will add new life to any of your outfits.

If you're staying in, you might want to go with a more casual dress code. T-shirts, jogging pants and flowy skirts are perfect for a kick-back night in with friends.

Then you have a Neighbor stop in to borrow some sugar, but he isn't your neighbor he is a professional Male Stripper that you order from VirginiaThunderOnline.com you meet him outside were he gave you his CD and now you are going to push play and all your friend are going to be so surprise and this will be the ultmate Ladies night out

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