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The Best tips and information on preparing for your Party

Bachelorette Parties, by comparison, are usually planned events with alot of detail. Like Bridal Shower detail including what kind of tiny veil the bride will wear on top of her head to signify she is about to tie the knot. The focus here is on the planning in Woodbridge Va or the surrounding areas. Oddly enough,one of the most popular bachelorette party rituals is heading to downtown in Virginia for a late show at the Club but 1st to start the night out right is get a holet room for the Male Stripper / Exotic Male Dancer ( a long standing staple in the female impersonation circuit). The bride and bridesmaids generally have no interest in poker playing or heavy steak dinners followed by cigars. It is usually a fancy dinner before for the Male strippers show up followed by club-hopping with the girls, when preparing for the Ladies night out They need to order the Exotic Male Dancers first then the night will be full of funny necklaces  portraying the male genitalia and possibly a visit from a ‘special’ police officer. Tip: If you see a cop carrying a boom box, get ready for a lap dance. Seemingly tame by comparison, the bachelorette party can still serve up a night of fond memories.  A relaxing weekend retreat at a luxurious spa might be in order, perhaps taking in a spectacular show followed by a night of girl-talk in a gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the city(look at our check list for pick the right Hotel)l. For a more personal touch, host  a catered & quote;pajama party’. You can even ‘raunch it up’  with ‘gadget demonstrations’  if  it suits the bride. Again, the point here is to find something the bride would enjoy and make this night memorable.

If you have the honor of planning a bachelor or bachelorette party keep these  things in mind:

 Be respectful of the budget. Maybe a $2000 weekend wouldn’t put a dent in your bank account but, even a $300 weekend would adversely affect one of the other attendees. Have a candid conversation about this in private with anyone you feel might have a problem. If you can pool your resources, even better.

The guest of honor never pays.Techincally the bride or groom should be able to leave their wallet at home. This is their event planned and paid for by the members of the bridal party. Asking the honoree to pay is simply tacky.

Don't drink and drive. This is a great time to use a limo service or have a designated driver. Ladies – how about that big pink stretch limo you saw at the going down the roads while you were out? You would look great sitting in it (but don't sacrifice the entertainment like a Male Stripper because in the end its just transportation).. tell everyone to wear pink to match and have some fun with it! Girls/Guys – how about a party bus or a massive stretch Hummer ( but remember with most party you have to start it and all night you will be talking about the entertainment ?(The strippers or it will sound sort of like another night at the clubs)

At VirginiaThunderOnline.com, we have   companies to handle all of your bachelor and bachelorette party needs from Sex Toy feather Penis/titties cake pan . For more information. click on VirginiaThunderOnline.com and visit our Male / Female Stripper Photo Gallery links on our main page Or even better, call 757-816-9402 to get more tips on planning your event/show in your area so you can see for yourself why VirginiaThunderOnline.com is the resource for all your Bachelor / bachelorette wedding related needs and more.

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