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Picking a Hotel for your Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower

Girls their are some things you need to know

(1) 1st choice is a House or Apartment when it comes to a Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower. When you look at cost and privacy you can't beat it..

    (2) 2nd choice is Club House (at a apartment complex). But they normally have you clean up and leave by midnight,  so check !

   (3) 3rd choice is a private room at a hotel, like a Banquet Hall, they have them downstairs or on the 2nd floor in most hotels, If your party is larger than 30, like a Office party, Retirement Party, Christmas Party etc. Just don't bring up male strippers when getting a Banquet Hall, they don't usely have a problem, because the male stripper is there for only an hour or so. The hall is just where you are having the party usely 4 or 5 hours they are thinking, you could even say its an Surprise party, Now if you want to have a DJ, that fine it isn't mandatory because you can bring your own stereo system. You can talk to the clerk about the DJ / Music being a little loud, they may offer you a hall further away from others.

(4) 4th choice is a private room at a Club or Restuarant. they might be able to curtain off a private area for your Birthday Party at no cost. You have to check around.

(5) 5th choice is a Hotel room, like a presidential suite, a penthouse suite, or large suite, but you need to use Virginiathunderonline.com Check List below on what Question to ask when calling around. Some hotels are better about it then others.

   (6) 6th choice is a Regular Hotel Room, but you have to be careful at some Hotels, if they put you next door to a family, they will stand in the hall and say you are being loud, no matter what you do, like even your alarm clock radio in the room is too loud , you wouldn't even be able to talk in your normal voice and you might be paying as much as $150 or more. So you need to check out virginiathunderonline.com check list below.


Check List Of Questions To Ask the Front Desk Clerk or Hotel Management

Ladies when choosing a Holel, you need to ask these questions before reserving the room.

(1) Tip #1 Try tell them you work 2nd or 3rd shift, So you are up late either on the phone or watching TV and you don't want to keep other guest awake! So they don't put you next to a family with young children. See if they can accommodate your request.

Tip #2 This is one you do in person, just go up to the front desk look for someone young or you think you can relate too. Just be honest. They might know who is working that night and tell you if that person is cool and can hook you up or if that person is going to ruin your party. That will make it easy to decide to book or not book there.

Tip #3 Call around and use a fake name and just ask, They could have enough rooms available to keep you away from the other guest or in this economy they might make special arrangements for your business.You have nothing to lose just use a fake name, ask all the questions you want. See if they can accommodate your request.

Tip #4 Tell them your getting a room for your Mother, Father, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Your Family, etc and they are fling in from the West Coast, which we are 5 hrs ahead. When they check in they might be wound up and can't go to sleep so they don't want to keep anyone awake. they may want to call friends or Family back on the West Coast and talk to them, watch TV, etc. See if they can accommodate your request.

Tip #5 Try saying that your husband snores loud at night and you don't want to disturbed other guests. See if there's other room available further away from other Guests. Just remember your goal is to get further away from potenial problems.

(2) Check out the rooms, if you have more than 15 women at your bachelorette party, the room can get pretty small, even for you ladies to move around in.


(3) When choosing a Male Stripper / Exotic Male Dancer, do your research, the more information you can find about the Entertainment Company you are booking with, you're more likely you're to get the ertertainer of your choice. Some companies just put pictures online and send whoever they can find in your area. Those companies are normally the cheapest priced company. They don't want you calling around and finding out which dancers are really in your area. Usually the compamy that offers more information, is the company working on build a good reputation, so do your homework.

(4) Lastly, bring a stereo to your party to play your CD, MP3, or Ipods, so the Exotic Male Dancer/ Male Stripper doesn't have to make a big scene coming through the lobby. By the time they figure out whats going on, your Party is ending and everyone is heading out to the Night Clubs or Bars. Mission Accomplished!

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