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When booking Male Strippers in Virginia Beach Va, Ya know, that state for lovers!Some of the out of state companies only have a few pictures on their web site, like, Male Models, Exotic Male Dancers, whats even worse, they will put pictures up using photo shop online. Ladies, you need to know where the company is located, and where your Exotic Male Dancer is based.. Now if you want an out of town exotic male dancer. thats ok too, because they travel all around doing shows & events. These companies need to be more like Virginia Thunder   and publish this information on their website, so you can see more information on the Entertainers, then you have the opportunity to see where each Entertainer is based out of and the different areas he may perform.. Other companies like Female Stripper companies, are basically an escort company, that books mostly One-On-Ones in hotels, with lonely men visiting from out of town. The truth about the business is, Booking a male stripper or a (female strippers / escorts) is like apples and oranges. The customers want very different things. Female Escort companies make most of its money from female escorts that may act horny, weak and defenseless. Now, if a Male Stripper acted that way all the ladies would be very confused and ask why he became an Exotic Male Dancers to began with. A Male Dancer company like virginiathunderonline.com understands that a Male Stripper needs to be confident, project energy, charisma, and lead the party by putting all the ladies at ease, yet taking them on a roller coaster ride thats exciting and exhilarating. Take them back to when they didn'have to worrie about lifes troubles and stresses. So use this check list below

(1) Find out where the company is located.

(2)  Find out where your Male Stripper / Exotic Male Dancer may be coming from.

(3) Find out, does the company book mostly Male Strippers or Female Escorts

You can look at their photo gallery, pay attention to the number of Male verse Female pictures..

Do they publish where their entertainer is based out of and other places they might perform.

(4) Be careful, some companies have local phone numbers. Female Escort companies sometime have 4 to 8 phone numbers with multiple ads, fighting over that "sugar daddy" booking, called One-On-Ones. They can be overwhelming to the Male Stripper company that specializes in Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties and Surprise Parties. What we have found, is that ladies want real entertainers to entertain their friends and family. We hope this helps make your experience with booking a Male Dancer as stress free as possible.

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