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How did you become a stripper?
I just became a Male Stripper (Exotic Male Dancer)

When I turned 19, my top priority was to become independent and "grow up" as soon as possible. To be independent meant never having to ask my parents for money -- though they were more than willing to provide it. I hated the fact that they paid for my car, my college tuition, my food ... I had a job in construction (roofer, Carpender, Mason basicly a construction Man) at night I tried to be a Pizza Delivery Man, Bar back, Waiter, Bartender, I went to work at a Office (A Office Job), "you know Business Man", ( I got a scholarship to help with my tuition, but living in South Virginia it ain't cheap and trying to drive from North Carolina didn't help . My meager income wasn't nearly enough to survive on, and it drove me nuts. I felt so infantilized and trapped.

Just before my 20th birthday, I saw an ad for an "Male Stripper or Exotic Male Dancers  wanted " A contest at a local strip club. I'd always been pretty good with the Ladies (lol) "Handsome guy" and some Ladies had even ask me if I was a "Stripper" -- perfect grades, respectable hobbies, never so much as a parking ticket -- but something about the idea of exotic dancing captivated my imagination. The amateur night was a few weeks away, so I slowly built up to it ... first I was working out in the gym, then I practiced walking and dancing a little around my room, then I got myself a Exotic Male lingerie, then I picked out my setlist ("You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC / DC and "Vivrant Thing" by A Tribe Called Quest).

Finally, the night of my big debut arrived. Standing backstage, I was completely terrified -- not because I was about to expose my body to a room full of strangers, but because I was convinced I would trip and fall! But the moment I stepped onstage, I went into an altered state. Turns out, I was a total natural. I won second place -- competing against several dancers who were far from "amateurs," I'll have you know -- and made $50 on the spot. The rush of adrenaline and exhilaration was indescribable. I knew, without a doubt, that my life was about to shift dramatically. Now I Only made $50

that Night, but I Found a "Great Job" I ran into another Male Stripper "Dylan" and he told me about Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Bridal Showers and Ladies Night Out Party." So I called VirginiaThunderOnline.com and it was great! a part time job with full time pay." Thanks Dylan"

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Tell us about the place where you worked.
I stripped for about 3 years, primarily at two Company VirginiaThunderOnline.com and MaleDancersWorldwide.com: The Strip Clubs in (Virginia and North Carolina) and Strip Clubs in Maryland and neighborhood dive bar, but with  the almost naked Men performing on stage. Most of the customer were Bachelorett parties and "regulars" -- or as they jokingly called themselves, "pathetic Best Party Girls "  (PBPGirls for short). The dancers were exceptionally diverse -- every ethnicity, body type and educational background was represented. Unfortunately, the place was run by a mega-douchebag named, I wish I could name him, but I don't want too make things Harder in the furture -- a red-faced, testosterone junkie who managed the club like an oppressive dictator. I quit after about a year, largely due to "So and so" appalling behavior. Most of my regulars followed me to my next Strip club and Parties, at VirginiThunderOnline.com ..

VirginiaThunderOnline.com was a male-owned Promoter Company for Clubs and promoter for those party like Beachelorette Party, Bridal Showers, Birthday Party ,Retirement Party   and it is run by a former stripper. The clientele was mainly business woman, Medical worker( Nurse), Dental assistant, Hairdresser, Waitress, bartender, lawyer  (Paralegal) , Dermatologists (aesthetician),and college students -- an interesting mix of big spenders and sorority girls. Unlike regular joe's, VirginiaThunder guys are polished and "perfect" -- in a very conventional, Men's Health or a Muscle magazine sort of way. I worked out 3-4 days a week with a personal trainer (or a friend) and had standing tanning and dancing ( or stage training) appointments, just to keep myself right for making money and -worthy shape at the next event. The earning potential was insane -- $700 to $1,000 dollars a night or a week was pretty standard once you build a reputation (nationally by being depedable and being reliable. I had people that would open door for me) (1)The downside was that I had to drive nearly four hours (round trip) to work at the club( that I could make good money at... driving back home at 3 am and getting into bed at 5 am totally tweaked my sleeping schedule, making it difficult to spend time with friends and family during the daylight hours. (2)Now with Parties I had to find a Company that understood how Male Strippers & Exotic Male Dancers work or they didn't treat me right, Male Strippers have to invest more money into there costumes and female Strippers don't , Male strippers have to put on a better show! then female escorts (female Strippers, not any male can be a male stripper you have to want to entertain women ,not just want to have sex with women that is a give, you will not make alot of money that way, they will read through that most of the time and just blow you off and work you for some attention like the regular joe you are acting like, that isn't a way to build a reputation). (3) If I work for multiple companies! (I am going to just run the price down on all future booking for me in my area) Company who are just put the lowest bid out are setting you up and you will at there mercy" customer and entertainer) But the lower bidder isn't a reparable company usually these company are fly by night that just tell you what you want to hear! So I only work for one company in  each area (unless this company covers multiple area) Your customer's will look for you if you are a good entertainer. (4) The entertainer world isn't that big as you think, if you build a bad reputation it will get around and you will pay for it later. Every body has run into a problem in this business finding out how to find your way around, but if your word mean something people will find that out by the way you handle yourself in this business and that is what will open doors later! (The Big Door) (5) The better you get in this business, yes you will make more money, but its harder to keep getting better when the competition keep coming. So watch what bridges you burn because what goes around will come back around later and without a good reputation later you will be out wondering why!

(1) Anonymous Story! information ( the truth about the business from real Exotic Male Dancers)
I danced for a while and never felt more confident and powerful in my life. I made a small fortune and all my friends were incredibly supportive. Like you, I had a day job (and my parents wanted to support me). I was 18 and going to school, and I had such a great time doing it. I never told my parents - even when I magically had enough money to take a trip From Virginia to Florida (Spring Break & Summer Break ) for a few months and actually rent a nice apartment there. I'm graduating now, at 22, and I'm scared of what people in my hometown would think if word gets back to them.. I was never desperate, had got someone pregnant, I used protection when the moment was right, I was never drugged out, or any other awful stripper stereotype ..and I used the money to give substance and culture to my life. It's not for everybody, but if it was an acceptable life choice for everybody I would have stuck with it for a lot longer.
(2) Anonymous Story! information (the truth about the business from real Male Strippers)
I am a male stripper and I have performed at Many bachelorette partys. I have NEVER done anything sexual at any of my shows. I have some friends that perform with me sometimes and they have never done anything either. We get naked and get out, unless they pay for us to join their party for the night. That's not to say that I haven't done anything . If there was a ( girl / ladies ) that I felt intrested in ( not the Bride) I would discreetly ask for her phone to ask her out! I wouldn't ruin the bridal shower party and be remember a the jerk that destoryed the brides last night with her friend and family's celebration.  ( I then would live on with a bad reputation that would effect furture booking and that isn't how you get steaty work / booking.)
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