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When hiring a exotic male dancers in Hampton Va., be prepared to do a little reseach. Hiring from a company that has a wide variety of male strippers gives you a choice of what you want for your special event. A large company is more reliable when it comes to booking parties like Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Grown and Sexy parties. Now when it comes to Black male strippers, white / caucasian Male strippers, if the company has been in business for a while and has a large variety of Entertainers, like (Black Exotic Male Dancers or Caucasian Exotic Male Dancer) that travel all over the counrty, then they must be doing something right. Usually, there are three types of Male Strippers, the one every woman fantasizes about, a well built Male Stripper that can move in a very sensual , coordinated and erotic way. There are only a few Male Strippers that can really perform in this manner, nationalwide. The truth is, it really comes down to cost, when you want the perfect Male Stripper. (1st type) Now most male strippers start out at 160 lbs, so they learn how to dance and entertain ladies with presence and energy. He is continuing to improve with each show. Slowly, he begins putting on muscle, to look more impressive in photo's. (2nd type) Now, the other type is a body builder that has spend alot of time in the gym to put on muscle mass, but spend no time learning how to move with confidence, dancing to music or even the art of strip tease. They look really good in pictures, but fail to really deliver that, "I'm here desiring you with his eyes and the way he moves his body. Ladies, when an Entertainer has 225lbsand up have, its very difficult for them to learn to dance, twist and perform in motion on stage or at parties, mainly due to the extra muscle and it is hard on his knees to try to learn to perform the more difficult moves. So don't forget to ask the booking agent about the Male Dancer you're interested in for your event, what is his show like and does he have any costumes.  Bigger Strippers may take a little more time to train them. They're are some body builder Male Strippers that have been in the business for a while, putting in alot of time & dedication learning  how to move. So, as you can tell it takes time to train a Exotic Male Stripper with size. (3rd type) To be able to do both styles and be the fantasy that most woman picture. It takes alot of dedication from the Male Dancer and his Trainer to be able to make it smooth & sexy !!!!
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