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  Information to plan the Best Party
I Getting your Entertainment Right!
  Picking the Entertainment and Entertainers should be your first priorty for her night to be Special and Memorable. Now this can't be a regular Bar Night Out. It needs to be Different, Exciting and all to Keep Her Guessing. Bring her back to that Special times when she felt like anything could happens because it was all new. Here are some options.

1)   A Great Male Dancer or a Male Stripper will do that and more. This is what your friend will be talking about for years, You and the Girls those exciting moments you didn't know what was going to happen next and seeing everybodies faces.

  2) Adult Toy Party are a great thing to warm up your party to get everybody quintin with each other. Just remember that it isn't the main course, but its great for getting your started and you might learn something.
II Getting the Place for the Party Right!
  Picking a place is the second priorty and this is very important. This could be the decision that makes all the difference because booking a place that everybody can really relax and party. There are some rules, policies or some people that can't stand to see, hear or know that you and your friend get to have fun. This is the world we live in. So our choices are to ignore it or deal with it and try to be as perpared as possible. So let's get started!

Now when picking a Place. There are a few options like a House, this is great choice and then there are halls, another great choice now there are sometime private rooms at Clubs or private sections another great choice. But hotels can be hit and miss because of some of the policies at ones like the Marriott Holets. If you get a room at the Marriott just try and ask them how loud the TV, can be they will not give you a definitive answer like 6 bars on the TV Volume Control because the true is, if the person in the room next to yours (they dictate how loud is to loud) there complains of any noise bothering them, will adds up to your 1st warning ( found or unfound)  they will try and kick you out after the second complaint. For Example : If your a night person who listing to music or you and the (Girls/Guys) are talking, laughing,or just watching TV if the person in the other room complains they can get you kick out. We have had alot of good experiecens at Marriott too. But all it takes at a Marriott, is that one person next door and your room isn't yours anymore, don't try and talk on your phone, have a conversation with friends in a normal voice, Another Example : This happens all the time, if you fly over from the west coast on a different time zone, don't go to your room and think its yours. If the person next door doesn't like you, it that simple. There are no standards set in place for equal treatment between customers. So you need to take some precautions.

III Getting this Hotel Check List Right!
  This Check list will help you get around the Party Poopers, These people are just waiting for you and your friends so be prepared for them. This is just another night they are trying to get through and you are not part of thier agenda. But here's how to get around them, Just check out our List below, its free for our customers, our way of trying to make sure that your party gets off on the right foot.

VirginiaThunderOnline.com : To the Rescue!

We have a Check list of questions to ask the front desk clerk or Hotel management before reserver the room there, if possible. If not, When talking to the front desk clerk to use this check list to reduce your chances of your event becoming a disaster.

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