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Anonymous Bride's (1) ( The inforamation that Bride's and Maid's of Honor )

So first of all, nobody actually RSVP'd (those are my friend for ya!) So I, the bride, tracked down everyone to ask if they were going.  Got answers from everyone.  Then MOH tells me she was going to tell everyone to buy their ticket for the boat cruise we are going on when they called to RSVP.  She's on vacation, so I was debating whether to send an email myself, but talked to a BM and we decided not to, so we wouldn't step on anyones toes.  Well I told one BM yesterday to buy a ticket, but now the cruise is completely sold out.  So now, I have to tell everyone that we aren't doing the cruise.  No reservations are made for dinner yet.  No plans except, "to go out" after dinner.

I looked for hotels to stay at that night and couldn't find anything under $200. (a bunch of events going on that weekend apparently) so now everyone is staying at my place, since its the most convenient.  Which means I need to clean, get things ready for everyone to stay over, and stock up on some food for everyone.  Should I really be doing all of this for my bachelorette party???  This is stressing me out more than the wedding right now!  Am I being unreasonably upset?

From: a upset Bride!

I don't think so! This is you best friend, who is suppose to help you plan your wedding too. I would appoint someone else to help me with planning, it is obvious that your event isn't important  to her. I think you better step in now.

From: Ms. Jennifer

I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, but thanks Ms. Jennifer. But on a good note, most everybody showed up for my Bridal Shower, when I took over with planning my event. I called VirginiaThunderOnline.com and ordered a Male Stripper, I think his name was Dylan. All my friends were so surprised when a Police Officer showed up! Everybody got quiet when he knocked on the door and he came in, the music started and they all were so excited. It was great! VirginiaThunderonline.com Exotic Male Dancers are so professional, it really made the night because all my girlfriends just kind of click together with all this fun, positive energy, laughing, and joking about all the fun pictures with all my girlfriends. We couldn't stop talking about it all night, the laughing just kept coming . We really had a great time. I know what I am going to do when one of my girlfriends are getting married. I am going to plan everthing out 30 days in advance because that last minute stress isn't worth going through, not to mention in today economy, things cost so much more it seems. I want to really stretch my dollars, but still want to make memories with all my girlfriends.

From: a upset Bride!

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