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The maid of honor has the responsibility of planning the entertainment for the bride the night before the wedding but, in Woodbridge Virginia trying to find adult entertainment can be difficult.  First, the maid of honor should decide what the main entertainer for the night. Ladies just remember that this night needs to be different than any regular night out. So, hire a male stripper to light this girls gone wild party right. Second, the maid of honor could get the brides maid to help with food and decorations.  Third, the maid of honor could find a location for the party like a House, apartment, hotel room, ball room, and V.I.P. club room, a salon after hours or business office after hours. Fourth, the maid of honor needs to find transportation after the party like a taxi or a designated driver.

            Ladies, when hiring a black male dancer you have two choices before the clubs or after. If you want to have the male stripper before traveling to all the night clubs then plan to set the time about 7:30pm. Women that want to have the black male dancer after the clubs should plan to have the 2nd phase start at 11pm. Ladies don’t wait until the bride gets to smashed for the main surprised  of the night your exotic male dancer.


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