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Tips for planning multiple shower for like a brides hometown and current residents

From: A Maid of Honor and a Bridesmaid

Myself & 1 Bridesmaid are working to plan the Shower for our Bestfriend. While I am excited, it has started to become a little bit of a struggle. Our bride has given us the guest list along with few additional guest here & there. Due to the size, she has now requested to have 2 different showers, one in her home town & where she currently lives. Each guest list is a min. of 50 people . While at first it did not seem that much but we are now starting to realize that these "Bridal Showers" are looking like a mini Reception. In total we will be hosting 115 people. In addition we are planning a Bach Party for 34 Girls. I feel this is a little much & alot financially. I also am feeling that her guest might begin to feel offended because she will not be opening gifts or able to really conversate with any of them because of the amount of people & time. We are also starting to realize that it will be more like an "open house", since to many people to play games. Any suggestions. We need help!

From: VirginiaThunderOnline to the rescue

When hosting a Large Bridal Shower in today economy.

1st thing is food for the (ladies/people) because have a large party means it normaly are longer. Now with so many people at event it could cost alot.

You could make a registry for the bachelorette party, Bridal shower and retirement party ( ladies for planning the event) But when planning a place where simply everybody meet together after the Male Stripper and Female Stripper have perform prior for the Bride and the groom's traditional shows that go on when people get married. ( make a list for food that people can check off what they could bring or donate to a fun party like Beer, liquor, plates, cups and napkins. These are thing that you will need anyway).

Now getting the registry out could be complicated and trying to pick what to put on the list could be hard. So there to a thing all "Pot Luck" People bring there fovarite disks, Now you might find some real good food that way to, remember they all bring there favorite disks. People will still just want to donate $10 or $20 but that still make your job easier when buying chips, plates, napkins and alcohlol.

Now ladies when it comes to (1) Bachelorette Party, (2) Bridal Shower,(3) Ladieis Night Out and (4) (Grown and sexy party this is a party for usely 25 and up ladies that are mature and want to party to celebrate be a adult and are not afraid of nudity ).

Information you need to know

You need to know what is out there: (1st Male Stripper) is Male that knows the Art of Strip-Teasing, which is not as easy as people think because some male just walk out and play music with out asking what music the ladies like ( what if you hate rap/rock and all you hear is bitch, fuck, ass and pussy this is fine if you like rap/rock and you are in to this stuff ) and then take there clothes off (in 30 sec) and just walk around and can't dance a lick, let alone strip to the beat of the music, this leave some girls/ladies asking "that it, where the show your just standing there, anybody can stand there" this is fine if that's ok with you. Ladies strip-teasing is an art.

Now some companies advertice (2nd) Male Model you need to understand male models just look good don't expect them to know alot about stripping, dancing, performing, they model which is fine if all you need is for them to model, hang out and socialize, but trying move to the the music ( in a erotic way) without dancing to a beat again this is fine to you don't mind


There is Exotic Male Dancers, Now a (3rd Exotic Male Dancers) come in alot of different costumes like Police/cop, fireman/firefrighter, construction man, business man, doctor, ruff riding cowboy, and a Exotic or Erotic outfit that is made to hypnotize the audience along with precision dancing with presents and custom made music that is made to thrill, shock, and deliver alot of that favorite song that ladies have grown to love over the years new and old. now this don't mean he is a stripper, his show could consist of erotic dancing and everybody/ladies favorite music.

Now if the entertainer have master strip-teasing and dancing, (4th a Featured entertainer that is in demand and travels all over the counrty) Now you will get the best in the business which is a costum of your choice , precision dancing along with custum music to excite, thrill and deliver presents in the moment to take the ladies on a ride that they will be talk about for years to come ("that night that we all had come together to celebrate so and so's party with all our friends around it was so perfect!".

Be sure to know which you are ordering before you settle for your entertainer for your event!

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