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Ladies, at virginiathunderonline.com carry the largest section of male strippers. All you have to do is to call we can check available. We also try to find discounts we can apply to your party. First, we need a date, around about time, and locate. Then if you want suggestion on how to plan your event just ask, at virginiathunderonline.com we would love to answer any of your question about planning your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or birthday party. Just call, ladies it that easy and we can help put your mind at ease.

(1) Find out where the company is located to make sure they aren't pulling a fast one.

(2) Find out where your Male Stripper / Exotic Male Dancer may be coming from, they could be coming from longer distances, and to make sure there won't be extra fee's on your credit card ( the credit card traps) like for travel fee's that you aren't told about that can vary $50 to $150 or more. They can have you just click a disclaimer to get you.

(3) Find out, does the company book mostly Male Strippers or Female Escorts

You can look at their photo gallery, pay attention to the number of Male verse Female pictures.

Do they publish where their entertainer is based out of and other places they might performed.

(4) Be careful, some companies have local phone numbers. Female Escort companies sometime have 4 to 8 phone numbers with multiple ads, fighting over that "sugar daddy" booking, called One-On-Ones. They can be overwhelming to the Male Stripper companies that specialize in Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties and Surprise Parties. What we have found, is that ladies want real entertainers to entertain their friends and family. We hope this helps make your experience with booking a Male Dancer as stress free as possible.

Click here for more tips on how to planning your party and check out our male or female stripper

Click here for more tips on how to planning your party and check out our male or female stripper
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