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Chester Va Surprise party

Hello ladies my name is Dylan, I had the pleasure of performing at a 50th birthday parties 7-27-13. After receiving instructions, I arrived there, light blaring and stepped out of a state police in front of the party house and to check for the proper permit for their movie night. I instructed all the adults to go inside and I advised them to not make a bigger scene in the neighborhood once inside I advised them of the laws of their city. I was told to make the event look as real as possible. All the ladies were completely convinced while the guys played along.  After entering the house the birthday girl approached and pretended not to know about having a permit that she regularly gets for her parties!  I was instructed to be completely serious and stern, look her in the eyes and tell her that the neighbors had complained about the loud music, then quoted the law that requires a permit. I normally just make it short and sweet.  I don’t normally want to traumatize someone too much but her husband and his two accomplices wanted to roast her a little, so I played the role and she fell hook line and sinker. When the music started everybody erupted in excitement and laughter. The birthday girl couldn't believe that she had been gotten so good.

After the 50th birthday, all I heard was I looked so real and completely serious. I told them that 50th birthday parties only come once. Life is short and surprises are hard to come by but, surprises make life interesting and can add a new spice to your life. Every time I do these special events I see the excitement in the people’s eyes and I know how much my clients appreciate all the effort that was put into making their night special. Here's a little food for thought , when planning  events the ladies want the guys to leave the room after the initial surprise, so that they can all talk and have a good time with the rest of the show.


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